PVC40-3D App

PVC403D-18 AutoCAD App has been added to AutoCAD Exchange Store Landing Page_English as New Apps.

PVC-40 3D creates a variety of PVC Schedule 40 Pipe and Fittings as 3D solids for easy placement in the 3D-PVC piping drawing.

A dialog box interface provides an easy method for the selection of each fitting with different size selections ...

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Carbon Steel Buttweld Fittings 3D18

Buttweld Fittings 3D

Carbon Steel Buttweld Fittings 3D18 has been added to AutoCAD Mechanical_English Exchange Store as Featured Apps.

Carbon Steel Buttweld Fittings 3D App is used to create 3D Buttweld piping drawings. The unique features in this app will make 3D piping drawings easier to produce from an isometric view point. The unique Pipe Spool Feature allows you to draw a ...

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K-Series Bar Joist

Joist2D-18 App has been added to AutoCAD Mechanical_English Exchange Store as Featured Apps.

Save time and money drawing 2D K-Series Steel Bar Joists in plan, elevation or section views in seconds, not the usual 10 or 15 minutes for 2D.

It doesn’t get any easier than this! the Joist 2D Plugin for AutoCAD draws Steel Bar Joists Elevations in ...

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Quick Notes App

QNotes App

Quick Notes has just been added to the AutoCAD_English as Featured Apps on the AutoCAD Exchange Store.

Now you can instantly add typical drawing notes with or without leaders and without typing! As a CAD user you know the difficulty when working with text input, style, layers, and text heights.

SoftDraft ...

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Slotted Holes Pro


The Ultimate Short and Long Slot-Hole Creation CAD Detail Tool

Did you know it takes at least 15 min. to manually draw 3 rows of short slotted holes!

Slotted Holes Pro plugin for AutoCAD®, gives you the tools to add an array of short or long slotted holes, or round holes in seconds for your CAD Drawing’s Steel Details and Sections.

Use Slotted ...

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Modern Steel Construction

February ’07 — Steel Detailing Software, page 60

March ’06 — Steel Detailing Software, page 63

February ’05 — Steel Detailing Software, page 55

January’ 01 — Engineering Software, page 62.

January ’00 — Engineering Software.

January ’99 — Engineering Software, page 69.
March ’99 — Welding & Bolting Products, page 63.
April ’99 — Fabrication/Detailing Software, page 56.

June ’98 — Fabrication & Detail, page 56.
January ’98 — Engineering Software, page 74.

July ’97 — SteelPLUS Software, page 76
March ’97 — SteelPLUS Software, page ...

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