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Revolve-2-3D App

The Profile2Rev3D App is now available in the AutoCAD Exchange Store and on the SoftDraft website.

Revolve-2-3D is a quick method to convert any 2D polyline profile into a 3D revolved solid without using the AutoCAD® UCS commands.

Revolve-2-3D reduces the number of commands required to revolve a profile and adds a rotation feature for accurate placement in any AutoCAD UCS all within the same command.

Revolve-2-3D App

Extrude-2-3D Path App



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Modern Steel Construction

February ’07 — Steel Detailing Software, page 60

March ’06 — Steel Detailing Software, page 63

February ’05 — Steel Detailing Software, page 55

January’ 01 — Engineering Software, page 62.

January ’00 — Engineering Software.

January ’99 — Engineering Software, page 69.
March ’99 — Welding & Bolting Products, page 63.
April ’99 — Fabrication/Detailing Software, page 56.

June ’98 — Fabrication & Detail, page 56.
January ’98 — Engineering Software, page 74.

July ’97 — SteelPLUS Software, page 76
March ’97 — SteelPLUS Software, page 39

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CADalyst Magazine

August ’97 — What’s New?, page 38.

Barry R Bowen Associates unveiled its SteelPLUS Structural Shapes R14.0 AutoCAD add-on ($129) that parametrically creates AISC/CISC/MAISC structural steel shapes in plan, elevation, section, and single-line drawings. The software includes W-shapes, channels, single and double angles, square and rectangular tubing, and pipes. A main dialog controls access to all shapes and allows multiple insertion points, layer, color, linetype, and individual control over flange and web thickness. SteelPLUS Structural Steel Shapes creates simple or complex shapes from a non-segmented polyline made into an AutoCAd block.