Extrude-2-3D Path App

NOT available for AutoCAD LT.



The Extrude-2-3D App software is an intuitive application engineered to convert 2D polyline outlines into 3D models.  The procedure initiates with the formation of a 2D outline using a polyline.  Upon completion of the outline, the software can be activated.  The subsequent step requires the selection of the 2D outline and the designation of an insertion point.  Ultimately, you choose the trajectory for the model and two alignment points.  This tool turns your 2D profiles into full-blown 3D model quickly and without a fuss, making it a go-to for anyone diving into the world of 3D design.  It’s important to note that the software is compatible with Autodesk® AutoCAD® versions ranging from 2012 to 2024.

Extrude-2-3D App makes it simple and quick to convert any 2D polyline profile and extrude it along an open or closed polyline path.

  1. First create the profile in 2D using a polyline.
  2. Next, create the polyline path for the profile.
  3. Then execute the App, select the 2D profile and insertion point, then select the object path and two alignment points.






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