Iron Valves 2D-LT

For AutoCAD 2024-Current LT Versions Only
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Iron Valves 2D-LT 2024-Current Versions Only
NOT COMPATIBLE with any of the Pre-2024 AutoCAD LT versions.

Effortlessly Add Realistic Valves to Your 2D Designs with Iron Valves 2D!

With Iron Valves 2D, You Can Easily Add Realistic Valves to Your 2D Designs!
Give up spending time creating valves in your 2D designs by hand. With Iron Valves 2D, you can quickly and easily place valves that appear professional. The software is quite easy to use.

  • Rich library of 173 valves: Choose from a vast collection of valves in all standard configurations, including gate valves, ball valves, and check valves.
  • Multiple view options (Plan, Top, and End): Visualize each valve from different angles to ensure perfect placement in your design.
  • Drag-and-drop simplicity: Effortlessly add valves to your drawings with a few clicks.

Create Impeccable Designs:

  • Realistic valve representations: Iron Valves 2D features highly detailed valve symbols that make your drawings look sharp and professional.
  • Accurate portrayal: Impress your clients and colleagues with designs that precisely reflect the final product.

Iron Valves 2D is your one-stop solution for adding valves to your 2D designs quickly, efficiently, and with stunning realism.

Try it today and experience the difference!

Iron Angle Valves

Iron Gate Valve 2D

Includes 173 Valves:

Angle valves – sizes 1/4″ through 8″
Iron – flanged ends – class 125 – brand: Apollo

Ball valves – sizes 1/4″ through 12″
Iron – flanged ends – class 125 – brand: Apollo

Butterfly valves – sizes 1 1/2″ through 48″
Iron – double flange, lug & wafer – handle or gear operators – brand: Crane

Check valves – sizes 1/4″ through 48″
Iron – swing check, wafer check – class 125 & 250 – brands: Crane & Nibco

Diaphragm valves – sizes 1/2″ through 14″
EPDM Lined – Flanged

Gate valves – sizes 1/4″ through 48″
Iron – flanged & threaded ends – class 125 – brand: Nibco
Iron wedge gate – flanged ends – brand: American Cast Iron Pipe Co.

Globe valves – sizes 1/8″ through 14″
Iron – flanged ends – class 125 – brand: Nibco

2D Globe Valves

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