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M-Color Professional Color Plotting

You can apply graphic effects to whole AutoCAD layers and save color configurations for re-use with other drawings – an essential feature for productive CAD work.

Text and fonts are an important part in making your designs attractive, and M-Color excels in text output. It automatically plots your existing text objects with high-quality TrueType fonts, while giving you full control over font selection and other text properties.

M-Color does all this at plot time, without changing the AutoCAD drawing. This means your drawing remains quick to handle and is not loaded with disturbing solid fills or slow fonts. Add Scanned Images and Color Photos. M-Color supports raster images, which lets you add scanned drawings or color photos to your plots.

M-Color has all the necessary features for mixing raster images with vectors in professional CAD use. You can adjust the color and transparency of images — an essential element for mapping use, for instance.

  • Whats New in M-Color

    Hand-Drawing Effect

    A hand-drawn look adds a touch of personality to your drawings. You can use different effects (curve, deviate, move ends, break and vary width, multiple line segments) to make the drawing look like it was hand-drawn. This is an excellent feature for use in casting initial sketches from your designs, for example.

    One-Click Drop Shadows

    Adding drop shadows to text or graphics gives depth and flair to your layout. You can create drop shadows simply with the click of a button, then easily adjust the angle, distance, and feathering of the shadow.

    Translucent Raster Images

    You can make raster images partially transparent so that the background still shows through. You can use the same effect also for bitmap texture fillings and gradient fills. For example, imagine the possibilities of a gradient fill transitioning gradually towards transparency.

    Smooth Blending of Raster Images

    All transparent raster images are now smoothly blended into the background. With the new 8 bit alpha channel support you can add photos of trees, people, etc. that blend into your drawing perfectly.

    Improved Rendering Quality

    The rendering mechanism of M-Color has been completely renewed; as a result, the on-screen graphics are smooth and exact. Also, the previewing responds much more rapidly than before, especially when you have used translucent effects.

    Faster, Higher-quality Bitmap Exporting

    The new technology of M-Color 9 enables you to export your drawing as a raster image in just a fraction of the time used by previous versions of M-Color. In addition, the quality of the resulting image is enhanced.

    50% Smaller PDF Files

    With M-Color, you can generate small, high-quality PDF files. M-Color 9 also supports PDF 1.5, including inclusion of your CFG layer information in the resulting PDF file.

    After You Place Your Order

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