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What is product

Product activation is a quick, anonymous, and secure process
that verifies the authenticity of your software. This is
done to protect you from the adverse effects of pirated
software. The process also verifies that the serial number
has not been activated on more systems than allowed by an
End-User License Agreement (EULA). No personally
identifiable information is required.

Before you use your product, you will need to
activate. Simply follow a series of steps, and in minutes,
your software will be activated and authenticated. The
activation process does not hinder the software’s usability.
You can use it the same way you always have.

What happens
during product activation?

You go through a series of easy steps to activate your
software, usually via the Internet (or offline such as email). You enter a product serial number which is
used to authenticate the software license, thus unlocking
the product. No personal information is required, and the
whole process takes just a few minutes.

How soon must I
activate my product?

You should activate the product after

Can I install
software without activating it?

Yes within the time frame stated in the download email. After installation, you have a certain number of days
in which to activate the product. After that
period has ended, you need to activate in order to use the

What happens if
I do not activate my product?

If you do not activate your product within the specified
period, your product will stop working.

How can I get a
serial number for activation?

After purchasing the product, the software publisher will
send you a Product Key. If you cannot find your Product Key
in the download email, send an email to
[email protected].

How do I
activate my product?

After purchasing your product via the software publisher’s
website and subsequently receiving your Product Key, you
simply enter this number into the dialog to activate
your product. Typically, activation is completed in just a
few minutes via the Internet (online activation). In some
cases, offline activation is required. If so, this is
accomplished via e-mail.

How does
product activation work?

See the
How Does Product Activation Work? page for a
detailed explanation of how product activation works.

What is done with my product
activation information?

The information provided is used to verify that your product
is operated within the capacity outlined by its End-User
License Agreement (EULA). The activation information you
provide will never be linked to your personal customer

Can I activate software on more
than one computer?

You must purchase the number of users you require for the product
and that determines the number of activations that are
allowed for your Product Key. Even if you install the
software on a network server, each local user on the network
using the software must activate their system to use the

Why is activation of my software

There are many reasons for requiring activation of your
software, most importantly to verify that you are purchasing
authentic software. This ensures you will receive the
highest level of quality and reliability from your product.

Do I need to be online to use
software that requires activation?

Once you have activated your product, you do not need to be
online to use it. If you wish to transfer or move a license, you must be connected to the
Internet to unregister the current system.

What are the End-User License
Agreement (EULA) terms for products that require activation?

SoftDraft, LLC, hereby grants to you as a Customer a non
exclusive license to use the enclosed Computer Program only
on a single computer at a time and only by one user at a
time subject to the terms of this agreement. For Program use
on more than one computer at a time or by more than one user
at a time, you must obtain additional Program Rights from
SoftDraft, LLC.

What information is required for
product activation?

Product activation requires your product key number. No
personal information is needed.

Will product activation affect my
software or my computer?

No. Activating your product has no effect on the performance
of your computer or software.

How long does it take to complete
the activation of my product?

Internet activation (online activation) typically takes less
than a minute to complete. It is dependent on the type of
Internet technology you are using.

What if I can’t immediately
activate my software?

The download email
specifies the number of days
during which you can use the product without activating it. For example,
suppose you have 15 days after you receive the download link to activate
the product. The software, which is fully functional during
this period, after 15 days will stop
working until you activate it.

What if I don’t have an Internet

You may
activate your product by e-mail. Refer to the
Email Activation link.

What if I upgrade or get a new

Simply unregister the software and uninstall your software; then, after upgrading or
replacing your computer, reinstall the software.

Will I ever have to reactivate my

Only in extreme situations. For example, if you upgrade your
computer, or if the activation process detects that the
license has been tampered with, you will have to reactivate
your product.

Will I be able to reinstall and
reactivate the product it if my hard drive crashes?

Yes. The software will successfully reactivate in most
cases. If your attempt fails, please contact product
activation support for help.

Can I uninstall/reinstall my

Yes. All you need to do is first unregister the software
then uninstall your software on the
current machine and reinstall it on a new machine.

What information is collected and transmitted in the product
activation process?

The activation process is completely anonymous and never
requests, collects, or transmits personal information. It
does not scan your hard drive.

More specifically, the activation process gathers a minimal
amount of information about the product and your machine to
create that request for a product license.

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