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An email for
your order with the software download link has been sent.
After installation, the software will run in full evaluation
mode for five days without activation. However, you should
activate your workstation before that time expires. Within
the next 12-24 hours you will receive an email with your
Product Activation License Key which you will use to
activate your software.

If you
experience problems with the activation process and need
additional time to activate your software product, please
let us know and we will email a temporary code to extend the
evaluation time.

Product activation is a quick, anonymous, and secure
process that verifies the authenticity of your software.
This is done to protect you from the adverse effects of
pirated software.

Our Software Activation
library requires:

– Windows 2000 and higher editions

After you install your product, and receive your License
Key, you
activate it. Simply follow a series of steps, and in seconds,
your software will be activated and authenticated. Product
activation will not affect the performance of your software
or computer.

Click the link below
to download the SoftDraft License Manager Program and Save file
to Desktop then double click to install:

SDLicenseMgr Install File

installation locate the SDLicenseMgr program and execute it
to Activate the software.

Select Internet Activation below for activation

Activation Methods:

Internet Activation

Licensing Features:

If you need to move your
license to another system, or before reformatting the hard
drive click the link below:

License/Reinstall Software


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