Be More Productive In Seconds

SoftDraft, LLC develops low cost Architectural/Engineering/Construction software applications for 2D and 3D, which work inside versions of AutoCAD®, and AutoCAD® LT,  based software.




We started in production drafting of contract documents by hand in the A/E/C Industry in 1968 and then in AutoCAD ver. 1.2 in April of 1983.

After AutoLISP was made available in AutoCAD in 1986 we began to implement AutoLISP applications for many of the simple repetitive tasks encountered.

Now, these Software applications are developed from our years of drafting experience and not by software programmers without any drafting experience.

Our software makes the user productive immediately with an entitative dialog user interface easy to navigate.

Each software application includes a dialog interface with the relevant information the user needs to complete the specific task.

Some dialogs have the ability to save the information for later use in other drawings or to maintain consistency with other users in the drawing documents.

Having just one or two of these applications can drastically cut the time you’re spending on drafting.

Standalone and Network versions of software applications for Architectural, Structural, Mechanical HVAC and Piping disciplines.

Large user base with customers in North America and worldwide since we first started in 1991.

Software applications and plug-ins developed personally from our years of actual experience in production drafting.

Instant productivity, no expensive training programs or lengthy learning curves.