Bolts Nuts Washers

Bolts Nuts Washers, Fasteners, Anchor Bolts, U-Bolts, and Slotted Holes

Bolts/Nuts/Washers parametrically creates these shapes in plan or elevation views based on dimensional data from external ASCII data files. You may add additional dimensional information on bolts or nuts that are unique to your specific application.

Bolts drawn in elevation allow for a material thickness to be specified, using hidden lines to represent the shaft through the material. A washer may be added at the bolt head and nut, with a single or double chamfer nut.

  • Creates Hex, Heavy Hex, and Square, bolts, nuts, washers, and bolt holes. Draw in plan or elevation.
  • Elevation view draws complete bolt with hidden lines for shaft through material thickness.
  • Standard and “J” type anchor bolts included.
  • Data files based on the Industrial Fasteners Institute, “Fasteners Standards Manual”, 5th Edition. Bolts, nuts and washers are created parametrically and made into AutoCAD® blocks for easy placement, relocation, and control over color and linetype changes.
  • All shapes have added intelligence for easy identification.

Bolts/Nuts/Washer Types

  • Hex bolts
  • Heavy hex bolts
  • Square bolts
  • Bolt holes
  • Hex nuts
  • Square nuts
  • Type A washers

Anchor Bolts

Anchor bolts are created in standard or “J’ type, with options for projection length, thread length, total bolt length and embed point. Anchor bolt threads are hatched automatically. An option to mirror “J” type anchor bolts saves time in creating a pair of anchor bolts for column details.





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