Steel Deck

Create Steel Deck 2D for Details or 3D Presentations.

As fast as selecting two points your deck is created as a single polyline based on the type selected. It’s that quick and that simple, just select the type of deck from the dialog click OK and then select two points, instant deck!

Steel Floor Roof Deck

Deck2K Steel Floor & Roof Deck creates Narrow, Intermediate and Wide rib steel floor roof deck with your choice of insulation type and thickness.

Composite and conform Steel Floor Deck, with various slab thickness, is also created with the same ease.

Steel Floor Deck has been enhanced to allow you to save specific deck and insulation or slab configurations for later use in the current drawing, or in other drawings. Even if you forget the deck sizes, with the built-in intelligence, you simply select the existing deck, and the specific configuration is displayed.

A new preferences dialog allows complete control over the deck elements including color, linetype, insulation, slab hatching color, and scale factor.

Steel Roof Deck and insulation or floor deck and slab, are placed in one quick operation by selecting two points. The deck is made from a polyline based on the manufactures dimensions as defined in an external data file. Hatching of the slab and insulation are done automatically.


  • Place roof deck with insulation or floor deck with slab quickly, by only selecting two points.
  • Floor and roof deck are created parametrically as a polyline per manufactures dimensions from an external data file.
  • Deck configurations and settings may be saved for later use or in other drawings.
  • Built-in intelligence: Each deck placement has valuable information for easy identification and recreation by selecting an existing one.
  • Preferences dialog allows complete control over every aspect of the decks layer, color, linetype, hatching and scale.
  • Create narrow, intermediate and wide rib roof deck with various insulation thickness.
  • Create composite and conform floor deck with various slab thickness.