Steel Floor and Roof Deck

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How Can Deck2K Work for You?

Tired of manually drawing steel decks for floors and roofs? Deck2K, a SoftDraft plugin for Steel Floor and Roof Deck for Steel Detailing, is here to save you time and effort.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose your deck type: Pick from a variety of floor and roof deck options in the Deck2K dialog.
  2. Click and go: With just two clicks, Deck2K automatically creates a single polyline representing your chosen deck. It’s that fast and easy!
  3. Remember your settings: Forget memorizing deck sizes – Deck2K’s built-in intelligence automatically displays the specific configuration of any existing deck you select.
  4. Save time and reuse settings: Use the Deck Restore feature to save your current deck, insulation, or slab configuration for later use in the same or other drawings. No more starting from scratch!

Benefits of Deck2K Steel Floor and Roof Deck for Steel Detailing:

  • Saves time: Create Steel Floor and Roof Deck for Steel Detailing in seconds, instead of minutes or hours.
  • Reduces errors: Eliminates the risk of mistakes from manual drawing.
  • Improves efficiency: Work on multiple projects without needing to remember specific deck details.
  • Boosts your workflow: Focus on design and let Deck2K handle the tedious tasks.

Deck2K Steel Floor and Roof Deck for Steel Detailing App is the perfect tool for architects, engineers, and anyone who needs to create steel decks quickly and easily.

Steel Floor Deck


  • Place roof deck with insulation or floor deck with slab quickly, by only selecting two points.
  • Floor and roof deck are created parametrically as a polyline per manufactures dimensions from an external data file.
  • Deck configurations and settings may be saved for later use or in other drawings.
  • Built-in intelligence: Each deck placement has valuable information for easy identification and recreation by selecting an existing one.
  • Preferences dialog allows complete control over every aspect of the decks layer, color, linetype, hatching and scale.
  • Create narrow, intermediate and wide rib roof deck with various insulation thickness.
  • Create composite and conform floor deck with various slab thickness.

Create Steel Deck 2D for Details or 3D Presentations.

Building decks? Do it faster and smarter with Steel Floor Deck!

Imagine this: just two clicks and you’ve got a steel deck, complete with insulation and slab (if needed), drawn perfectly in your plan. That’s the magic of Steel Floor Deck.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Pick your deck: Choose from various types like narrow, intermediate, or wide rib roof decks, all with different insulation options and thicknesses. You can even create composite and conforming decks with varying slab thicknesses.
  • Click and it’s done: Select the type you want, hit okay, and then click two points – boom, instant deck! No more tedious manual drawing.
  • Save time, forget stress: Ever forget the exact dimensions of a deck? No worries! Steel Floor Deck remembers. Just click on an existing deck and all its details pop up for quick reference.
  • Customize to your liking: Want to adjust the color, line style, or hatching of your decks? Easy! The new preferences dialog gives you complete control over every element.
  • Roofs too! Steel Floor Deck isn’t just for floors. Create roof decks with insulation in one swift go, just like with floors.

Composite Floor Deck

Deck2K2D LT 2024 is now available for AutoCAD LT 2024 Version.

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