ADN Developer

Autodesk® Registered Application Developer since 1995.

Having worked as a production drafting professional since 1968 – yes the old fashion way, by hand on the drafting board – and in many different disciplines. I gained valuable first hand experience in creating contract documents and the drafting process. Combining this experience with some CAD programming knowledge, has enabled me to develop CAD applications that are quick and easy to use without expensive upfront training programs – after all, CAD was supposed to make us more productive!

My first experience using AutoCAD version 1.2 goes back to 1983, the other draftsman laughed saying that they could draw 10 times as fast. Unfortunately, in the beginning that was true. After all, wasn’t CAD supposed to make things easier, faster, able to create mirror images of plans in a split second, however, in the beginning it actually slowed down the drafting process.

Repetitive tasks took far too much time and dragged down the drafting process. As I began developing programs to automate these repetitive drafting tasks, the most frequent ones used on a daily basis, it was then that I realized what CAD could really do for the drafting and designing process.

Without these time saving shortcuts, AutoCAD was still too slow to be effective. When time is of the essence during a project, you can’t afford to get bogged down with slow processes!

To do your job efficiently and effectively, you have to have the right tools to work with. As a drafting professional, I know how important it is to have the right tools at your fingertips. All our applications are based on real world experience.

Having just one or two of these applications can drastically cut the time you’re spending on drafting – which means that the entire building process is made more efficient.

Barry R. Bowen

Owner SoftDraft LLC