The Problem with HVAC Blocks:

You know CAD drafting was supposed to make things simpler and faster than manually drafting. However, CAD right out of the box can actually be slower than manually drafting. This can be frustrating especially if you are just starting out with CAD when you are trying to meet your deadlines. If you are creating HVAC drawings, symbol libraries can give you some added speed but they are limited and time consuming to modify when you don’t have the correct one you need. Even Dynamic blocks take time to pick through to get the right symbols and sizes, then when you don’t have the correct one you have to explode them to make changes. Who’s got time for that!

The Solution:

There is a solution, HVAC-RD-2D plugin for AutoCAD creates an unlimited variety of Round Duct and Fittings to meet all your HVAC drawing needs.
Here’s an example of how fast and simple it is to create thousands of round duct fittings with multiple views and hundreds of dimensional combinations.

  1. First select the fitting you need.
  2. In the dialog enter the required dimensions for the fitting.
  3. Select the desired view.
  4. Then place the fitting.

What could be faster and simpler than that? – Any Fitting, Any Size, Any Time!