How Does Product Activation Work?

Until you receive the Activation key, you can run the software in the Full Evaluation mode.

An Activation Key will be sent within 12-24 hours after purchasing the software.

The activation process begins after you receive your Activation Key. It takes just a few steps to complete. No personal information is captured or transmitted during the process. It is completely secure and anonymous.

1. You initiate an activation request
From the Windows start button you locate the SoftDraft, LC software in All Programs and select the Activate Software icon to activate it via an easy-to-use wizard. If you wish to activate, simply enter your software’s License Key number (provided in the download link email) in the space provided.

2. The activation request is transmitted
For online activations, your software sends a license request, which consists of an activation request code, License Key number, and other non-personal information, to an activation server when you click the Activate button. If an online activation is unsuccessful, you can send an email to request an offline method to manually activate your software.

3. The activation request is processed
Online Activation: When the activation request is received, the request is validated by the server. If the activation request is deemed successful, you see a dialog stating “You have Successfully Activated Product <Product Name>”
Offline Activation: A tech support service representative will provide you with a new download link for the offline activation code via email to activate your product.

4. You receive a response
Online Activation: A response is sent automatically and you can immediately activate your software.
Offline Activation: With an email activation, the activation code is relayed to you by a tech support service representative. After receiving the activation response code, you simply type it into the required field to complete the activation process. The product will be instantly activated once you enter the activation response code.