Rental Support

SoftDraft Rental Software Support

  • Rental Software Support includes the following:
  • Unlimited Email Support Cases
  • Phone Support as required
  • Support using the internet Computer-to-Computer
  • Notification of product updates and fixes
  • Upgrade from one SoftDraft Software AutoCAD version to another

Rental Software Support allows you to submit an unlimited number of cases regarding a support issue by email, or phone. Rental Software Support includes all users within the rental license.

Support Case Definition

A Support Case is defined as a single support issue with current SoftDraft Software Product. One incident may involve several interactions with Technical Support to resolve. A reasonable effort will be made to resolve the issue to the customer’s satisfaction. Separate support cases should be sent for multiple or differing types of support issues or requests.

Price: Included with Rental Software
Hours of Operation: 9:00am – 4:00pm Central Time, Monday through Thursday
Product Updates: Yes during the rental period
Product Upgrades: Yes during the rental period
Number of support questions per event: Multiple
Initial Response Time: 12-24 Hours

After the order for a Support case is received, a SoftDraft Support Technician will contact you via email.