Bolts Nuts Washers


Bolts drawn in elevation allow for a material thickness to be specified, using hidden lines to represent the shaft through the material. A washer may be added at the bolt head and nut, with a single or double chamfer nut.

What It Does:

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  • Creates Hex, Heavy Hex, and Square, bolts, nuts, washers, and bolt holes. Draw in plan or elevation.
  • Elevation view draws complete bolt with hidden lines for shaft through material thickness.
  • Standard and “J” type anchor bolts included.
  • Data files based on the Industrial Fasteners Institute, “Fasteners Standards Manual”, 5th Edition. Bolts, nuts and washers are created parametrically and made into AutoCAD® blocks for easy placement, relocation, and control over color and linetype changes.
  • All shapes have added intelligence for easy identification.

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Bolts/Nuts/Washer Types

  • Hex bolts
  • Heavy hex bolts
  • Square bolts
  • Bolt holes
  • Hex nuts
  • Square nuts
  • Type A washers