Support Subscription

SoftDraft Software Annual Support Subscription

The Annual Support Subscription includes the following:

  • Unlimited Email Support Cases
  • Phone Support as required
  • Help with Activation/Deactivation issues for updated systems or disk crashes
  • Lost Key Codes, Passwords, or Activation Keys
  • Links to misplaced or lost downloaded installation files
  • Support using the internet Computer-to-Computer
  • Notification of product updates and fixes
  • Upgrade from one SoftDraft Software AutoCAD version to another
  • Subscription Does NOT include support for any LT versions

Support Subscription allows you to submit an unlimited number of cases regarding a support issue by email, phone or through a support case from within the Support Knowledge Base. A Support Subscription may be purchased for current SoftDraft Software products. Shortly after purchasing the Support Subscription an email will be sent with the user name and password to access the Private Support Knowledge Base. A Support Subscription must be purchased for each user at a single location. Discounts are available for multiple users.

A Support Subscription is not available for retired SoftDraft Software products. SoftDraft provides a complimentary resources for self-help such as our online Public Support Knowledge Base.

Support Case Definition

A Support Case is defined as a single support issue with current SoftDraft Software Product. One incident may involve several interactions with Technical Support to resolve. A reasonable effort will be made to resolve the issue to the customer’s satisfaction. Separate support cases should be sent for multiple or differing types of support issues or requests.

Hours of Operation: 9:00am – 4:00pm Central Time, Monday through Thursday
Product Updates: Yes
Product Upgrades: Yes one SoftDraft Software AutoCAD version to another
SoftDraft Support Website: Customer Support Knowledge Base
Number of support questions per event: Multiple
Initial Response Time: 12-24 Hours
Link for Support Case: Submit a Technical Support Case

After the order for a Support issue is received, a SoftDraft Support Technician will contact you via email.