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Choose from an extensive array of U-Bolt sizes ranging from the compact 1/2″ to a substantial 36″, catering to a wide variety of project requirements. The SoftDraft “U-Bolts” app provides users with the flexibility to personalize this list by adding new sizes or eliminating unnecessary ones, ensuring that your selection is perfectly tailored to your specific needs.

Once you’ve selected the appropriate size for your U-bolt, the app grants you complete control over its parameters. You can fine-tune various dimensions and properties, customizing aspects such as thread length, leg spacing, curvature radius and more—to precisely match your design criteria.

At the moment of placement within your drawing environment, specify material thickness effortlessly. This crucial measurement ensures that each U-bolt fits accurately within its intended assembly context. Following this specification step are two simple actions: select two reference points that determine both material engagement depth and desired rotation angle relative to installation orientation.

With these powerful tools at hand—combining user-friendly selection processes with advanced customization capabilities—the SoftDraft “U-Bolts” app enhances drafting efficiency while providing detailed attention to every aspect of U-bolt configuration for superior fastening solutions in any CAD-based project scenario.

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