Light Steel Framing 2D App

Provides a dialog interface for easy selection and placement of Light Steel Framing Members in your wall sections and details.

Available Sections Include:

  • Standard C Section
  • Downturn Lip C Section
  • Standard Z Section
  • Downturn Lip Z Section
  • Cold Formed Z
  • U Section
  • Jamb Stud


Dimensional Options Include:

  • B Flange: widths 1.25″ to 3.5″
  • D Web: depths 2.5″ to 14″
  • H Leg: 0.188″ to 3″
  • T Gage: thickness 0.188″ to 0.135″
  • L Return: leg 0.25″ to 1″.


Insertion Point Options Include:

  • Center Back
  • Top Flange
  • Bottom Flange


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Light Steel Framing Members 3D has been redesigned to make it quicker and easier to add your Light Steel Framing to your 3D model simple by selecting multiple 3D line for extruding the steel framing on.



Barry Bowen: