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Extrude 2D Profile to 3D in AutoCAD Try Now!

Extrude-2-3D Path App

The Extrude-2-3D Path App is now available in the AutoCAD Exchange Store and on the SoftDraft website.

The Extrude-2-3D Path application is a user-friendly tool designed to transform 2D polyline profiles into 3D objects. The process begins with the creation of a 2D profile using a polyline. Once the profile is ready, you can launch the application. The next step involves selecting the 2D profile and specifying an insertion point. Finally, you select the path for the object and two alignment points. This straightforward process allows for the quick and efficient conversion of 2D profiles into 3D objects, making it a valuable tool for those working in 3D modeling or similar fields. Please note that the application is compatible with Autodesk® AutoCAD® versions from 2012 to current version.