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Quick Block App

CMU Block Coursing

C.M.U. Block Coursing App QuickBlock is now available in the AutoCAD Exchange Store and on the SoftDraft website.

C.M.U. Block Coursing for Wall Sections

Quick Block is a C.M.U. Block coursing with a variety of C.M.U. block types, joint selections and wall thicknesses.

QuickBlock™ Includes:

  • User Selected Layers for C.M.U., Block Hatch, and Joint Hatch
  • Various Joint Types Include None, Struck, Concave, Flush, Weathered, V-Shaped, and Raked
  • Different Joint Types may be set for the Left and Right side of the Block
  • Block Start Options include Full Joint, Half Joint or Block
  • Block End Options include Joint or Block

C.M.U. Block Coursing

Brick Coursing for Wall Sections