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AutoMask-LT Adds A Wipeout Mask To Arcs And Circles

This is the only way to use Arc Segments in AutoCAD® LT to add a wipeout mask to arcs, circles, or polylines. Using Polylines with Arcs, Circles, or Multiple Points, apply a Wipeout mask to blocks.

Let’s be honest: Putting symbols or hatches around blocks requires a significant amount of additional effort and frustration. If you could merely place the block on the line, it would disappear without breaking—how wonderful that would be! What if you could add a window block to an external elevation, and wherever the block is placed, the brick hatch pattern vanishes?

Blocks Wipeout Mask in AutoCAD LT

The AutoCAD Wipeout command’s masking feature has more functionality thanks to Automask. Automask makes it simple to put a wipeout mask into various shapes, including Multi-Point Closed Polylines and Square/Rectangular objects.

in addition to Polylines with Arc Segments, Circles, and Arcs. It is unnecessary for users to create clean, well-designed designs by breaking lines or hatching around symbols.

Blocks Wipeout Mask in AutoCAD LT

One of the main benefits of Automask is that it makes the process of putting a wipeout mask on an item easier. Users just need to set the block on the line; it will disappear without breaking. Compared to more traditional methods like hatching around symbols or breaking lines, this can save time and effort.

Increased adaptability when generating wipeout masks is another benefit offered by Automask. For example, when a window block is added to an external elevation, the brick hatch pattern disappears in the area where the window block is positioned. This level of customization and control could help users create more precise and accurate drawings.

Circle Wipeout Mask in AutoCAD LT

With Automask, users can modify their block/symbol libraries to generate more dependable and refined results.
The software eliminates the need to draw incorrectly by breaking lines or hatching around symbols that have unanticipated effects.

All things considered, Automask makes it easier to apply wipeout masks to AutoCAD objects, which saves time and effort and improves drawing quality and precision.

Pline with Arc Wipeout Mask in AutoCAD LT


  • Add a Mask to All Your Symbols with and without Arc or Circular Segments
  • Easily Add a Mask by Selecting a Single Arc Segment
  • Add a Mask to a circle by selecting the circle
  • Option for the Mask to be placed in Front or Behind the Selected Object
  • Add a Mask to a closed polyline by selecting the polyline
  • Mask a closed polyline with Arc Segments Included
  • Quickly Add a Rectangular Mask by Selecting the Lower Left and Upper Right Corners
  • Select an Unlimited Number of Points to Create a Mask Area

This application expands the wipeout capability to arcs and circles by utilizing the AutoCAD Wipeout and Draworder commands.

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