Light Gauge Steel Framing 3D App

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Light Gauge Steel Framing Members 3D has been redesigned to make it quicker and easier to add your Light Gauge Steel Framing to your 3D model simple by selecting multiple 3D line for extruding the steel framing on.

Boost your light gauge steel framing workflow with SoftDraft’s 3D app! Say goodbye to tedious manual modeling. This powerful tool streamlines the process, letting you:

  • Quickly build your frame: Select pre-defined 3D lines and instantly convert them into light steel profiles. No more manually drawing every stud and track!
  • Customize your design: Choose from a variety of standard and specialized profile types, including C-sections, Z-sections, and jamb studs.
  • Fine-tune the details: Adjust dimensions like flange width, web depth, and leg height to match your exact specifications.
  • Double up with ease: Create single, back-to-back, or front-to-front double stud configurations effortlessly.
  • Position with precision: Choose from center back, top flange, or bottom flange insertion points for perfect placement.
  • Rotate for accuracy: Use the “Rotate Each” option to automatically adjust the orientation of your profiles as they’re extruded.

SoftDraft’s Light Gauge Steel Framing App puts speed and control at your fingertips, making light steel framing easier than ever. Try it today and experience the difference!

Available Sections Include:

  • Standard C Section
  • Downturn Lip C Section
  • Standard Z Section
  • Downturn Lip Z Section
  • Cold Formed Z
  • U Section
  • Jamb Stud

Dimensional Options Include:

  • B Flange: widths 1.25″ to 3.5″
  • D Web: depths 2.5″ to 14″
  • H Leg: 0.188″ to 3″
  • T Gage: thickness 0.188″ to 0.135″
  • L Return: leg 0.25″ to 1″.

Double Stud Options Include:

  • Single
  • Back-2-Back
  • Front-2-Front

Insertion Point Options Include:

  • Center Back
  • Top Flange
  • Bottom Flange



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