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Quick Brick 2D-LT 2024 Version Only
AutoCAD 2024 now with AutoLISP capabilities!
This version is now available for AutoCAD LT 2024 Version.
NOT COMPATIBLE with any of the Pre-2024 AutoCAD LT versions.

QuickBrick LT 2024 is a software application that allows you to create brick coursing with a variety of brick types, joint selections, and wall thicknesses. The application provides a simple user interface that makes it easy to create realistic-looking brickwork.

To use QuickBrick LT 2024, simply select the type of brick you want to use, the type of joint you want to use, and the thickness of the wall. The application will then create the brick coursing for you.

QuickBrick™ Includes:

  • Brick types include Standard, Engineer, Economy, Norman and Utility
  • User Specified Air-Space Cavity
  • User Selected Layers for Brick, Brick Hatch, and Joint Hatch
  • Various Joint Types Include None, Struck, Concave, Flush, Weathered, V-Shaped, and Raked
  • Different Joint Types may be set for the Left and Right side of the Brick
  • Brick Start Options include Full Joint, Half Joint or Brick
  • Brick End Options include Joint or Brick




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