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Steel3D-DIN Structural Steel Shapes

Steel3D-DIN is a software plugin for AutoCAD that allows you to create 3D solid structural steel shapes. The shapes are created from the dimensional data in the DIN Steel Database, which includes a wide variety of shapes, including beams, columns, channels, angles, and tees.

There are two ways to place Steel3D-DIN shapes:

  • Select Lines for Extrusion: This method allows you to select multiple lines in 3D model space and extrude them to create a 3D solid shape.
  • Place Shape and Specify Height: This method allows you to place the shape at a specified point in 3D model space and then specify the height of the shape.

Once a shape has been placed, it can be automatically rotated about the placement point in the default 45 degree increments. Shapes can also be rotated manually by using the rotate tool.


  • Create 3D solid structural steel shapes from the DIN Steel Database
  • Place shapes vertically or extrude them along multiple lines
  • Automatically rotate shapes about the placement point
  • Rotate shapes manually
  • Save and load shapes
  • Export shapes to other formats


  • Save time and effort by creating 3D solid structural steel shapes with Steel3D-DIN
  • Increase accuracy by using the DIN Steel Database
  • Improve productivity by automating the placement and rotation of shapes
  • Get a professional result with Steel3D-DIN’s high-quality 3D solid shapes

Includes these steel shapes from the DIN library database:

  •     HEB W-Shape
  •     HEM W-Shape
  •     HHD W-Shape
  •     INP I-Beam
  •     UNP Channel
  •     UAP Channel
  •     LNP Equal Angles
  •     LNP Unequal Angles
  •     ROR Round Pipes
  •     RHS Equal Tubes
  •     RHS Unequal Tubes
  •     TPS Equal Tubes
  •     TPS Unequal Tubes
  •     MSH Equal tubes
  •     MSH Unequal Tubes

Shape placement options include:

  •         “Center”
  •         “Top Left”
  •         “Top Center”
  •         “Top Right”
  •         “Bottom Left”
  •         “Bottom Center”
  •         “Bottom Right”

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