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AutoCAD World Steel Bar Joist App

The article in AutoCAD World Issue 94 Volume 5, Bar Joists was a review of the Steel Bar Joists and Joist Girders app by SoftDraft, LLC. The plugin for steel bar joist and girders Joist2K, a nifty tool for AutoCAD crafted by SoftDraft, streamlines the process of adding steel bar joists and girder frameworks with an array of customizable features. The article complimented the application for its user-friendly interface, precision, and interoperability with other structural steel programs by SoftDraft. The piece highlighted specific ways in which the application simplifies crafting diverse models of bar joists and larger supporting structures for an array of construction endeavors.  The article wrapped up by enthusiastically advocating the application to any individual who might need to plan or specify steel bar joists and joist girders in AutoCAD.