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Add Text in AutoCAD Faster with QuickNotes

AutoCAD Text Command VS. QuickNotes Text

Using the SoftDraft software app QuickNotes instead of adding text notes in AutoCAD with the text command can provide several advantages. Here are some key benefits:

1.      Efficiency: QuickNotes is designed to speed up note creation, offering pre-designed templates and commonly used phrases which means you spend less time typing.

2.      Consistency: With standardized note blocks, your documentation across different drawings maintains a uniform look, making it more professional.

3.      Customization: You’re able to customize these notes easily within QuickNotes to fit specific project requirements without having to edit each text entity manually.

4.      Organization: The app may offer better ways to organize and manage your notes directly within its interface rather than dealing with individual text objects scattered throughout a drawing.

5.      Error Reduction: By using preset terms and sentences, you reduce the risk of typos or inconsistencies that might occur when entering text manually into AutoCAD.

6.      Integration Features: There could be integration features such as automatic updates from databases or spreadsheets which aren’t available through basic AutoCAD commands.

7.      User-Friendly Interface: For users who aren’t proficient with all of AutoCAD’s functionalities, QuickNotes often provides an easier learning curve due to its focused nature on notetaking.

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