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AutoMask Adds A Wipeout Mask To Arcs And Circles

The Only method to add a Wipeout Mask to Arcs, Circles, or Polylines with Arc Segments in AutoCAD®. Add a Wipeout mask to blocks using Polylines with Arcs, Circles, or Multiple Points.

Let’s face it: It takes a lot of extra time and frustration to hatch around blocks or break lines to insert symbols. It would be fantastic if you could just set the block on the line, and it would vanish without needing to be broken! What if you could add a window block to an external elevation, and the brick hatch pattern would disappear wherever the window block is placed?

Blocks Wipeout Mask

Automask extends the functionality of the masking feature of the AutoCAD Wipeout command. Automask facilitates the effortless insertion of a wipeout mask into a wide range of objects, such as Square/Rectangular or Multi-Point Closed Polylines.

As well as Arcs, Circles, and Polylines with Arc Segments. This eliminates the need for users to break lines or hatch around symbols in order to produce neat, polished designs.

Blocks Wipeout Mask

Simplifying the process of applying a wipeout mask to an item is one of Automask’s primary advantages. Without breaking it, users only need to place the block on the line; the line will vanish. This can save a great deal of time and effort compared to more conventional techniques like breaking lines or hatching around symbols.

Another feature provided by Automask is more versatility in creating wipeout masks. Users can, for instance, add a window block to an external elevation, and the brick hatch pattern will vanish wherever the window block is placed. With this degree of personalization and control, users may be able to produce more accurate and exact drawings.

Circle Wipeout Mask

Users can change their block/symbol libraries with Automask to produce more reliable and polished outcomes.
The software program removes the need to break lines or hatch around symbols with unexpected consequences to achieve a correct drawing.

All things considered, Automask simplifies applying wipeout masks to AutoCAD objects, saving time and effort while enhancing the precision and quality of drawings.

Pline with Arc Wipeout Mask


  • Add a Mask to All Your Symbols with and without Arc or Circular Segments
  • Easily Add a Mask by Selecting a Single Arc Segment
  • Add a Mask to a circle by selecting the circle
  • Option for the Mask to be placed in Front or Behind the Selected Object
  • Add a Mask to a closed polyline by selecting the polyline
  • Mask a closed polyline with Arc Segments Included
  • Quickly Add a Rectangular Mask by Selecting the Lower Left and Upper Right Corners
  • Select an Unlimited Number of Points to Create a Mask Area

This Application takes advantage of the AutoCAD Wipeout and Draworder commands and extends the wipeout ability to arcs and circles.

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