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Profile-2-3D Try It Now!

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The Profile-2-3D App is now available in the AutoCAD Exchange Store and on the SoftDraft website.

Profile-2-3D makes it simple and quick to convert any 2D polyline profile into a 3D Solid or 3D surface.

First create the 2D polyline profile of the object to be converted into 3D.

Execute the App, make your selections, click OK to convert it in one simple step to 3D solid.

The Extrude-2-3D App is a user-friendly software that transforms 2D polyline outlines into detailed 3D models with ease. Starting with creating a 2D outline, the app then lets you select it, set an insertion point, and specify both trajectory and alignment points to efficiently produce sophisticated 3D designs from simple profiles.

The Revolve-2-3D App is a quick and easy way to convert any 2D polyline profile into a 3D revolved solid without having to deal with the AutoCAD® UCS commands.

Reduces the number of commands required to execute the revolve command on a profile and adds an optional rotation feature for accurate placement in any AutoCAD UCS in the same command.