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Revolve-2-3D App Now Available

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The Profile2Rev3D App is now available in the AutoCAD Exchange Store and on the SoftDraft website.

Revolve-2-3D is a quick method to convert any 2D polyline profile into a 3D revolved solid without using the AutoCAD® UCS commands.

Revolve-2-3D reduces the number of commands required to revolve a profile and adds a rotation feature for accurate placement in any AutoCAD UCS all within the same command.

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Profile-2-3D is an intuitive and efficient software tool designed to transform two-dimensional polyline profiles into fully realized three-dimensional solids or surfaces with remarkable ease.

To begin the conversion process, one must first meticulously craft a 2D polyline profile that accurately represents the object you wish to convert into a 3D model. Once this step is completed, initiate the application and proceed by selecting your desired options from within its user-friendly interface.

After making your selections, simply click ‘OK’ to activate the conversion function of Profile-2-3D. This action triggers a streamlined procedure that seamlessly transitions your carefully outlined 2D profile into a robust 3D solid in just one straightforward step, saving both time and effort without compromising on precision or quality of the final product.

The simplicity baked into this transformative process ensures that users can focus more on design creativity rather than grappling with complex modeling techniques.

The Extrude-2-3D App is a masterfully crafted software solution, specifically designed to elevate two-dimensional polyline outlines into fully fleshed-out three-dimensional models with remarkable intuitiveness and precision. The journey from flat design to spatial construct begins with the careful crafting of a 2D outline, deftly drawn using polylines that capture the envisioned shape’s essence.

Once this initial sketch is in place, you can breathe life into it by activating the app’s powerful features. The next phase unfolds as you select your newly created outline and pinpoint an insertion point—a critical step that serves as the genesis of your model’s transformation.

With anticipation building, you are then invited to chart a course for your emerging 3D creation by selecting its trajectory—much like setting sail on uncharted waters—and aligning it meticulously with two reference points. These decisions act as invisible guides shaping your model’s final form.

This potent tool streamlines complexity into simplicity; within moments of making these selections, watch in amazement as what once was merely an idea etched in lines ascends into tangible reality before you. Without requiring deep technical expertise or extensive manipulation, Extrude-2-3D stands out as an indispensable ally for novices and seasoned designers alike who seek to delve effortlessly into the transformative world of 3D modeling.