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How SteelPLUS Enhances AutoCAD with Structural Shapes and More

CADalyst Magazine August ’97 — What’s New?, page 38.

In this issue SoftDraft, LLC unveiled its SteelPLUS Structural Shapes AutoCAD add-on App that parametrically creates AISC/CISC/MAISC structural steel shapes in plan, elevation, section, and single-line drawings. SteelPLUS Structural Shapes enhances AutoCAD with the ability to easily place Structural Steel Shapes from a dialog interface.

SoftDraft’s SteelPLUS Structural Shapes isn’t just an AutoCAD add-on; it’s a parametric powerhouse for steel detailers. Imagine effortlessly generating accurate AISC/CISC/MAISC shapes in any view needed, from plan to single-line sections. W-shapes, channels, angles, tubing, and pipes are merely the foundation – your drawing canvas awaits.

A single, intuitive dialog box unlocks the full repertoire. Multiple insertion points, layer control, color selection, and customized linetype options let you tailor every shape to your specific needs. Beyond aesthetics, individual control over flange and web thickness empowers you to create profiles that precisely match your design intent.

But SteelPLUS doesn’t stop at basic shapes. Its magic lies in its ability to transform the non-segmented polyline into a complex steel profile, seamlessly creating custom sections. With a single click, that polyline evolves into an AutoCAD block, ensuring drawing efficiency and minimizing file size.

And the convenience doesn’t end there. SteelPLUS Structural Shapes isn’t a lone wolf; it’s part of a robust pack – the SteelPLUS Structural Detailing Bundle. This comprehensive suite offers four additional modules to refine your workflow:

  • Bolts Nuts Washers: Bolts2K simplifies steel connection detailing with a library of accurate bolt representations and automated placement tools.
  • Steel Joist and Girders: Joist2K generates a large number and types of joists and girders with ease, tackling both simple and composite profiles.
  • Steel Floor & Roof Deck:  Steel2K expedites deck layout with intuitive tools for metal decks in section and elevation views.
  • Welding Symbols: Weld2K enhances clarity and communication with a comprehensive library of standardized weld symbols, applied directly to your steel elements.

Whether you’re a seasoned structural engineer or a rising CAD prodigy, SteelPLUS empowers you to work smarter, not harder. Experience the freedom of creating parametric structural steel shapes, the efficiency of streamlined workflows, and the confidence of knowing your drawings are built on a foundation of accuracy and detail.

So, don’t just add shapes to your AutoCAD – add a revolution. Explore SteelPLUS Structural Shapes and unleash the full potential of your steel detailing process.

P.S. Don’t forget! For standalone access to the Shapes module, check out Steel2K on the AutoCAD App Store and Steel2K for AutoCAD LT 2024. Happy detailing!